D.M.I.T. reveals following information about a child or adult :

1. Intrinsic Potential
2. Multiple Intelligence Distribution
3. Dominant & Preferred Learning Style
4. Learning Communication Character
5. Allocations of various abilities
6. Psychological & Planning capability
7. Learning Sensitivity
8. Innate - Work Management Style

We help parents to understand the inborn intelligence level of their child. After the test, we provide free counselling to parents or applicants about the report. In this, we guide them to choose the activities or careers according to their inborn intelligence. For example, a child having high Linguistic intelligence can learn a foreign language instead of going for dance class.

We are also designing activities for children based on Multiple Intelligence and Learning Styles concepts. Some of them include Foreign language courses, (for age group starting from 5 years), Public speaking Activities, problem solving, Creative thinking, Training your sub conscious mind to be succesful in life etc.

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