self-discovery in pursuit of knowledge i.e. will take own initiative to see knowledge and find answer
somewhat self-centred,  difficulty in communication i.e. strong believer in own beliefs and knowledge found; need to allow him to self-discover own mistakes and wrong answers
need to be motivated with a reason to learn, with a clear goal;  allow more thinking & give less answers
self-motivated with own achievements
demand space and respect in communication and decision
high ego and highly prideful of self
discourage harsh punishment but allow self-learning from mistakes


self-discovery through modifications and leveraging on existing materials i.e. learning of new subjects/topics is preferred to be example based
leverage and learn from the media – newspaper, films, magazines etc.
motivated through reading of famous biographies
organised and planned with guided examples
quiet achiever but thrive on being appreciated by others;  give regular encouragement to instil feel-good factor in learning and improve motivation


open-minded, able to absorb a lot but not necessarily understanding all
need patience with continuous repetition in the accumulation of knowledge
best if given 1-1 focused learning/coaching
clear reward and punishment method to drive improvement, to meet objectives
motivated by philosophical ideas and objectives
need to plan daily activities; need to reflect on daily activities
creative, love challenges, very competitive
thrive on setting new standards and challenges
coached by reverse reasoning and using reverse psychology
use stages and points accumulation to achieve reward
motivated by challenges
allow self-plan and self-managed
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