1).My daughter has been a toper in throughout her academic career but in last semester of her MBA Finance (in first 3 semester her average was more than 75%), she decided to quit without even appearing for the exam. We all were very upset and was not able to decide about our next plan of action. I came to know about ThumbRule DMIT and when I got the test done, I was amazed by the results of the report. It was 100% correct about my daughter. We got a solution now and sending her to a foreign language class and a music class for few months and she seems much more relieved now. Now we also know her communication character & her learning style. She will be preparing for her final semester soon now. I wish this test would have been available for her when she was in graduation or before that. Things would have been different for us. I recommend all the parents to go for this test and see a difference in the lives of their children.

    - Mr. G.S. Bedi (Businessman), Father of daughter aged 23 years.

2). This science has a logic and Supportive Evidence. I personally feel that, It is very important to utilize this data and conclusions to the further development of a child, as a successful person in future. If the parents fail to understand this then the value becomes Zero.

    - Dr. Rajesh Tiwari, MD (Neurology) , Father of Dhairya aged 5 years

3). This report is precise and accurate. It has a very Practical Approach and proves to be very good and helping. Excellent for my kid and would recommend the same to other parents for their chidren as well. 100% accuracy & will be very useful for your child

    - Mrs. Prafulla Gupte ( Teacher), Mother of Tanish aged 8 years

4). I have been very much surprised with the results of this test. It actually helps and guides a person to make right decisions in his/her life

    - Mr. Harminder Singh (RSM) ING Insurance, Father of 8 & 9 years old children

5). This analysis report will help the parents to know the strengths and weakness of their child and will guide the parents to motivate him in strong areas and also will guide the parents to make efforts to improve in the area of the child’s weakness

    - Mr. Manav Chandale (Lawyer), Father of 5 year old Pranay

6). ThumbRule has a unique concept to identify inborn talent and different intelligence hidden inside a human being through the medium of fingerprints. Students and individual can find perfect direction of their lives and career through this dermatoglyphics multiple intelligent test. We recomend it to all aspiring individuals & parents to undergo the DMIT Test and also convey our good wishes to ThumbRule.

    - Mr. Gurpreet Singh ( Principal of Gurukul Kids Planet)

7). We are amazed at the result of this test. We could see the difference in just 2 weeks. I am really thankful to this DMIT test. It has given us a clear picture about my son. I also feel that the suggestion given by ThumbRule will definitely improve his weakness. I really feel that this DMIT test is very useful for any kid and human being. And my advise is "Take it and see the Difference.."

    - Mrs. Renu Dilawari ( Housewife) Mother of Nishchay aged 17

8). I was really surprised to see this report. It exactly reflects my personality & what I am. I am really very excited to have this report for my kid also. It reveals a clear personality of human being. It has given me a clear idea about myself and I understand where I was going wrong.

    - Mr. Puneet Arora (Businessman) Father of daughter aged 2

9). It is good for all because it shows tone's personality and guides about their strengths and weaknesses. It also shows ways on how to improve the same.

    - Mr. Manish Bhatia (Sr Manager, Aviva Life Insurance) Father of son aged 3

10). One should focus on his strength & work on weakness." With this report, parents get to know about the strengths and weakness of their children which helps child to grow faster. Report of my kid helped me to understand that he is not much comfortable with geography against which I got to know that he has got a great command over language & he has got sharp memory. This is just an example how I can start working on his strength. I wish this technology would have come when I was a child.

    - Mr. Gaurav Mehra ( Diamond Merchant) Father of son aged 4

11). The DMIT test should be preferably done at a earlier stage of the child, so that a parent can be able to strengthen his child’s weakness and capitalize on his strengths.

    - Mr. Sameer Kapur (Sr. Manager, HDFC Bank) father of Son aged 5

12). I had this chance to have my 5 year-old child's fingerprints scanned — a golden opportunity to find out how her brain works. The assessment result told us something else about the child whom we have thought we know well. DMI tells how she learns things, what approach to use for her learning, how we can help her in the process of growing up and even how to handle her temper or the way she expresses herself.”

    - Mrs. Sirirat Luenpan, teacher
      Mother of Ms. Patanawadee Luenpan, aged 5

13). We knew he likes to play the violin, but to make him practice we had to tempt him with chocolates for a reward. It was not until after the DMI session that we learned our boy has quite high intrapersonal intelligence and interpersonal intelligence. And with the advice given by DMI expert, now we no longer have to use chocolates. We just make him proud to play for us (by making it look like he's playing in a recital). We feel we understand him a lot more and know how to let him learn something new, like using music to teach him things.”

    - Mr. Jet Wuthithanthaweekit, Senior IT Solutions Consultant
      Father of Mr. Anaputya Wuthithanthaweekij, aged 4

14). I think the advice the consultant gave from the fingerprint scan is indeed useful. Particularly with Peem, we learned what she's good at, what she's weak in, and how we can help her, by using her strong points to complement her weakness. For example, with musical talents, if parents don't give encouragement, they'll never know if it's there. Music can even help to improve a child's other aspects too.
“But what impressed me most was how the program can tell the way a certain child learns —by himself, from reading, or from listening. Then the parents can supply what he likes.
“Fingerprint scanning is beneficial in the cases of young children, who have miles to go as far as development is concerned.”

    - Mr. Sorawich Suwattanapongchet, private entrepreneur
      Father of Mr. Suppich Suwattanapongchet, aged 6

15). “The fingerprint scan for Multiple Intelligence assessment tells us about our son's special skills. We've learned how to teach him and how we can help him learn. If the parents and the teacher know a child's strength and weakness, they will know which is the best method to teach or guide him, what particular ability they can encourage further, so that the child can grow up to be a good and capable person.”

    - Jaffer Ali Mohammed Hussein, Information System Manager
      Father of Tharit Mohammed Hussein Khan, aged 3

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